Why Use Me?

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I've been a series director, layout artist, animator and storyboard artist on numerous productions. I firmly believe that from script to final edit a production should get better at every stage and that it's my job as the story board artist to kick start a value adding snow ball of awesomeness that not only clearly communicates the directors vision but also serves to inspire those artists down the line.

Why use me to storyboard or illustrate your next project?

If you are a producer, director or animator, I've got you covered. I want to make your production better , clearly communicate your vision and make your job easier.

I know what producers and project managers want.

  • Great quality artwork
  • Delivered on time.
  • Delivered on brief.
  • Delivered on budget.
  • To work with an artist with a professional attitude and work ethic.

I know what directors want.

  • As above but also:
  • An artist who takes direction.
  • An artist who can add value to the script.
  • An artist who knows and understands the fundamentals of visual story telling.
  • An artist they can trust to take the initiative and make their job easier.

I know what artists and animators want.

  • Storyboards and animatics that:
  • Inspire them to do their best work.
  • Have no continuity or shot blocking problems for them to solve.
  • Have meaningful, clear action and character posing.