Storyboards and Animatics


Below is an example of a rough cut animatic sequence from the Tashi and The Golem episode I did and for comparison the finished animation of the same sequence. The final product is cut super tight and rockets along. There was just so much that had to be squeezed into the run time. I loved boarding Tashi. His energetic character meant I could get a bit more gymnastic and expressive with his posing. The full episode can be viewed here.

An example of the rough cut animatic with scratch track I did for Tashi and the Golem. Copyright Flying Bark 2014

Tashi and The Golem final animation. Copyright Flying Bark 2014.


This was the project that really got me thinking that I should be specializing in storyboarding.

Copyright Zac Creative 2011

God Squad fight sequence storyboard. Copyright Zac Creative 2011

Australian Encounters

I boarded and cut the animatics for all the episodes in this series. It was a really interesting project with some heavy restrictions on what we could and couldn't animate. Because I love the process of before and after, below is the animatic followed by the finished product for comparison.

Encounters ep07 Animatic. Copyright Suitcase Murphy 2012

In episode seven, Australian expatriate, George Johnston, befriends a young unknown Canadian poet by the name of Leonard Cohen at the Katsikas brothers' grocery store, on the Greek island of Hydra. It was 1960 and Johnston's breakthrough novel, My Brother Jack, was still in difficult gestation.

ZU ZU and the Super Nuffs

Zuzu and the Supernuffs storyboard. Copyright Monkey Stack 2013