Australian Encounters wins Best Animation at the Online Video Awards


Another project I worked on doing animatics for won the Best Animation at the Online Video Awards recently. This was a great little project and very challenging. I was given a pretty long leash buy the directors at Suitcase Murphy which happily payed of. Interpreting Chris Grosz's Illustrative style in the context of the animation constraints was a huge challenge in trying to tell 13 dynamic and interesting tales. It was a fun project with great people to work with.

Here is the animatic of the Lenard Cohen episode.

nd the finished episode.

God Squad up for an AFI award.

Some times it is easy to forget I have stuff worthy of a blog post. A couple of years ago I did the storyboards and animatics for a subversive little project called God Squad by Zac Creative. It came at a time in my life where I was still getting used to being a dad for the second time, I had been burnt badly along with a lot of other people by an animation company and one foot out the door with my animation career.

Working on this project brought me back from the edge of leaving the animation biz for good. It reaffirmed that the reasons I got into it in the first place was because it was fun , challenging and there are some really awesome people out there worth working with to make something completely unique. It also gave me a much needed confidence boost right when I needed it and although they are a couple of years old now the animatics I did on God Squad are still some of my favorites that I'm most proud of.

Anyway It's up for an AFI award and if you are a member of said institution you can vote for it if you like. Nick ,the director , cut together a spiffy new trailer just for the occasion. Enjoy.

You can view some of the Animatics and Storyboards I did for God Squad here.