It's been a while so here's a cute lizard.


My youngest child finally started school this year and when ever the teachers find out what I do for a living my kids get sent home with home work for me usually in the form of a kind request for a drawing for a class project. This one I knocked out quickly for the cover for a class scrap book project where the kids get sent home with this giant stuffed lizard that they have to take on adventures and document with photos and a write up.

Batman 75th Aniversery

I found myself with a bit of spare time this week so I had a doodle in honor of Batman's birthday. I'm not a huge Batman fan but I like what different people do when playing in the Dark Knight's sand box. I based this doodle on my favorite animated Batman incarnation from the Gotham Knights anthology. I love the design and that this story isn't really about Batman. It's about the how a group of kids perceive of Batman as this invincible supernatural or technological force and these layers of perception are gradually pealed back to reveal Batman as what he is. A mortal, fallible man. My favorite batman stories are the ones that play with the batman myth like this.

Also the animation, layout and storytelling all kick ass.

Like a Version

I play a little game with my two boys ( 7 and 5) sometimes before bed. They draw me a picture and I draw my version of it for them. They love seeing me work on my cintique so I'm never at a loss for delightfully quirky monster squiggles to interpret and they are always on hand and eager to advise me on appropriate color schemes. Here's a few examples from the other night. Personally I like their versions better.