The Peter Rabbit Movie!

I have a career bucket list and for seven months of 2016 I got to tick two things off that list. (1) Do story boards for a feature film and (2) Work for Animal Logic. The Project is a hybrid live action / CG animated adaption of Betrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. You can read all about it here. 

As an experience it was 7 months away from home where I'd fly home every other weekend. One Friday my commute home took 8 hrs and involved a bike, train, plane, bus, train and bike ride in that order.

 I got to work with a fantastic crew who really looked after me and learned that many of the things I take for granted working in TV just don't apply to features. It was quite an adjustment right up to the end.

My kids are disappointed that they have to wait till 2018 to see the end product but it is in the best hands and the crew at Animal Logic will make the wait worth it. It was a great honor an pleasure to be part of making P Rab.