Figaro Pho series 2 is on the air!

I  had a blast working on The New Adventures of  Figaro Pho series last year. It's one of those projects that most animators and storyboard artists dream of working on. By that I mean non dialogue driven, classic, physical situational comedy. On top of that this show dips it's toes in multiple genre's so I got to play in different cinematic story telling sandboxes from buddy comedy to sci fi, sports, monster and horror. It was a seriously fun gig. The Cherry on top for me is how everyone who worked on it really bought their A game to produce a show that looks and sounds amazing!

It's is currently Airing at 5pm Week days on ABC3 in Australia and you can catch up on the previous days episode on I view ,as well as the first series.

Here's a link to a short clip of my favorite episode that I worked on.