Mixed up Maths

Now here is a little job recently completed on a very tight budget. 13 episodes of Mixed up Maths for online delivery via ABC Splash. Due to time constraints I had to outsource the animation but I was responsible for all the animatics , design and animation direction for the animated components. The live action and putting everything together was handled by Suitcase Murphy. The four flash animators I used did a great job and made that part of production really smooth. Animators: Stefan Warren, Marta Tesoro, Rose Lau, David Blumenstein.

Because of the tight budget and deadline I pretty much did all the design work in the animatics so all the animators had to do was trace off the characters from there, standardize the line weight and use a project colour pallet which was provided. The client wanted that naive hand drawn look with line work that was constantly alive. An awesome style choice when on a small budget and on a tight deadline.

You can view all the episodes at ABC Splash - Mixed up Maths