Oh man this was probably 2 years ago that I worked on this. I think it was the first show where I was told explicitly to ignore continuity. Studio Moshi did a great job finishing the show. There are 2 episodes here. I did story supervision on a bunch of the early episodes and boarded a few. The second ep "Bliblisitting" was one I boarded.

Space Chickens


The Peter Rabbit Movie!

I have a career bucket list and for seven months of 2016 I got to tick two things off that list. (1) Do story boards for a feature film and (2) Work for Animal Logic. The Project is a hybrid live action / CG animated adaption of Betrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. You can read all about it here. 

As an experience it was 7 months away from home where I'd fly home every other weekend. One Friday my commute home took 8 hrs and involved a bike, train, plane, bus, train and bike ride in that order.

 I got to work with a fantastic crew who really looked after me and learned that many of the things I take for granted working in TV just don't apply to features. It was quite an adjustment right up to the end.

My kids are disappointed that they have to wait till 2018 to see the end product but it is in the best hands and the crew at Animal Logic will make the wait worth it. It was a great honor an pleasure to be part of making P Rab.

Pacific Heat on Fox and then Netflix

Squeee! I Got to work with Working Dog! Sometimes I get to work with content creators that I really look up to and admire and the people at Working Dog are some of those. I genuinely laughed out loud reading their scripts for Pacific Heat. Yes it's limited animation and looks a bit like Archer but if like me, you grew up listening to the D-generation radio play comedy I think you might enjoy this show. It goes to air on Foxtel on November 27.

Figaro Pho series 2 is on the air!

I  had a blast working on The New Adventures of  Figaro Pho series last year. It's one of those projects that most animators and storyboard artists dream of working on. By that I mean non dialogue driven, classic, physical situational comedy. On top of that this show dips it's toes in multiple genre's so I got to play in different cinematic story telling sandboxes from buddy comedy to sci fi, sports, monster and horror. It was a seriously fun gig. The Cherry on top for me is how everyone who worked on it really bought their A game to produce a show that looks and sounds amazing!

It's is currently Airing at 5pm Week days on ABC3 in Australia and you can catch up on the previous days episode on I view ,as well as the first series.

Here's a link to a short clip of my favorite episode that I worked on.

I'll let someone else do the talking.

I've been under the pump getting work out the door so I haven't been in the right head space for blog content creation. So I'll just stand on the shoulders of giants for a time and share and interview with a friend from uni who has gone on to become the vice regent, emperor supreme in charge of storyboarding on that little show you might have heard of called the Simpsons.

 The Osher Gunsberg Podcast: EP81 Matthew Schofield 

It's been a while so here's a cute lizard.


My youngest child finally started school this year and when ever the teachers find out what I do for a living my kids get sent home with home work for me usually in the form of a kind request for a drawing for a class project. This one I knocked out quickly for the cover for a class scrap book project where the kids get sent home with this giant stuffed lizard that they have to take on adventures and document with photos and a write up.

Tashi is on the air!

I finished boarding duties on the Tashi TV series almost a year ago and finally it is on the air. You can catch it at 7:30am every morning on free to air channel 7 TWO or catch up on episodes online. All the kids in my son's grade one class have been hanging out for this ever since the learnt I worked on it.

It's fast paced, funny looks great and was super fun to work on with all the awesome folk at Flying Bark.